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Shoutout to Kualo for donating your hosting services!

Green Hosting for a Green Nonprofit

Carrollwood Park Conservancy is all about bringing more green space to Carrollwood. When we saw the opportunity to turn the land from a decommissioned wastewater treatment center into a local park, we got to work and made it happen! With that said, we were excited to discover Kualo, a hosting company with a commitment to be environmentally conscious. Believe it or not, they are 100% powered by renewable energy. That’s a pretty big accomplishment. If you happen to know another nonprofit organization that is in need of free hosting, be sure to send them over to Kualo. They have friendly support staff available 24/7. You can learn about their free nonprofit hosting here.

Hosting is one of the things that are often overlooked by donors since it falls under the general operations cost of a nonprofit. Thanks to Kualo, it’s one less thing that we need to worry about. That means that your donations can can go further!

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