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Park Amenities

Current Amenities

These were the highest priority park amenities requested by the community. Over time, more amenities will be added to the park based on a list provided to the Hillsborough County Parks Department by the Carrollwood Park Conservancy and their outreach and communication with local residents in the community.

There are two dog parks — one for big dogs and another for small dogs. This was a must-have feature that was highly requested by the community. All dogs are welcome!

Get your exercise outside! Who needs a gym membership when you’ve got workout stations you can stop at during your scenic walk through the park? 

Enjoy a leisurely walk through the park along a scenic trail. Enjoy the views along the lake and look for wildlife!

Gather your family and friends and relax under the shade at one of the pavilions. 

A fun, unique play experience that will engage and challenge the park’s young visitors.

A unique, interactive water feature, the splash pad area will help you cool off on a hot day. It’s great for all ages. 

"Our goal is to have a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy."
Kyla Booher
Planning and Development Manager for
Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation

Future Amenities (TBD)

More amenities will be added to this list over time as the park continues to grow. 

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